Name:                  Trish Deim [pronounced Dime, like the coin]
Birthday:             October 17, 1979
City:                      Boise, Idaho
Favorite Meal:   Wagyu steak, asparagus and sweet potato
Favorite Race:   Ironman Coeur d’Alene
Music:                  Jewel
Hobbies             Snowmobiling, Camping

 I grew up in Montana where I learned to love the outdoors…hunting and snowmobiling. I grew up running and used it as my primary mode of transportation until I was able to drive, and then still ran everywhere I needed to go. I was a sprinter in High School but had to leave running for a period due to stress fractures in my hips caused by running in circles too much. I've made Boise, Idaho my home since 1999 where I attended Boise State University and studied Kinesiology until starting a family. I now have the world’s greatest support crew and race to show them that you can achieve your dreams if you set goals and keep working towards them.

I raced in my first Triathlon in 2002 when my son was only 3 months old. I remember feeding him only minutes before the swim start, not realizing the drain it has on your system, and then suffered through the swim and came out of the water 2nd to last. I exited the water only to jump on my pink 10-speed with down-tube shifters that I picked up from a local bike shop owner for $100. I was instantly hooked, much to my husband’s dismay, and continued to race on and off between pregnancies. I kept that $100 pink bike and raced it for 2 seasons until they told me I wasn’t going to be able to race anymore because my bike wasn’t safe to ride.

 I’ve come a long way since then and many times look back at how it all started and wish I knew then what I know now. That’s the reason why I give back every opportunity I get and offer free clinics and speak at local Tri clubs, to share the lessons I’ve learned and help others as they get started in this wonderful sport.

 2012 was the start of what I plan to be a long and successful career as a Professional Triathlete. I earned my USAT Level 1 Coaching Certificate back in 2009 and I hope to take everything I learn while racing as a Pro and apply it in my coaching and be able share it with those around me. I don’t come into this on curtails of an extensive sports career in college or experience in the Olympics nor a degree in Exercise Physiology…I’m grassroots. I had to teach myself how to swim and bike in order to be competitive and being a wife and a mother has taught me a lot about determination and sacrifice.