Monday, March 5, 2012

FREE Triathlon Clinics - RECOVERY March 8

The next clinic in our annual Tri Nite series is this Thursday, March 8, at George’s Cycles on Fairview [10178 Fairview Ave]. This clinic will focus on RECOVERY and will feature discussions about Chiropractic care by Dr. James Bingham from Boise Valley Chiropractic, compression gear by CEP Compression representative Jon Van Wagoner and to round out the night I’ll talk about Trigger Point Therapy’s recovery tools, recovery pumps, stretching and so much more.

Once again we’ll start promptly at 6:15pm and seating is limited so get there early and bring your pen and paper to take notes.

CEP Compression is also offering a limited time program for the Clone where you can purchase one custom fitted Clone for $199 instead of the customary purchase of 2 for $290, and you still get them within 2 weeks. As part of this event, George’s Cycles is offering 15% off any single custom Clone and 20% discount on all in-stock compression products. CEP will also have a contest at the end of the event for the chance to win a pair of compression socks…so bring your running shoes.

Every athlete, regardless of what sport you participate in and independent of how much you train and race should be in attendance for this clinic. Recovery is vital to how your body heals itself from the preceding race or training session and will ultimately determine how you feel and train the next day.

Dr. Bingham is a graduate of Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education. He continued his education at Western States Chiropractic College, graduating Cum Laude as a Doctor of Chiropractic. He has been in practice in Boise for nearly a decade. Dr. Bingham specializes in athletic injuries to the neck and spine and is very efficient in treating shoulder and knee problems, whether acute or chronic. An avid sportsman, Dr. Bingham enjoys spending time in the outdoors, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Two weeks later, on Thursday March 22, we continue with the third portion of the series…TIPS, TRICKS and XTERRA. This year I’ve asked local Off-Road Professional Triathlete, Adam Wirth, to join me in sharing our “tribal knowledge” in the sport of Triathlon. We’ve been through the “school of hard knocks” so this is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and our successes. The Off-Road, or often referred to as XTERRA, racing is a segment that we have not covered during clinics in previous years. I’m hoping Adam’s expertise will help enlighten those of us who enjoy racing off the beaten path.

True to tradition, we conclude the series on Thursday April 5 for TRANSITIONS. This is the only clinic that will not be held at George’s Cycles but instead at Guerber Park off Hill Road and highway 55 in Eagle. This will be just in time for the Spring Sprint and is intended to be an interactive clinic for you to practice setting up and going through T1 & T2. This year fellow Professional Triathlete Chris Ganter has graciously volunteered to join me in sharing his knowledge. Too often athletes make the mistake of not practicing their transitions before race day and then fumble through the process. As we get closer, I’ll provide an update with a list of gear you’ll need to bring.