Sunday, March 18, 2012

FREE Triathlon Clinic - TIPS, TRICKS & XTERRA March 22

The last of our indoor clinics is this coming Thursday March 22nd at George’s Cycles Fairview store. Once again we’ll be starting at 6:15 for the TIPS, TRICKS & XTERRA session and is open to anyone who would like to learn some helpful tips to make their racing experience more enjoyable, tricks that make things a little faster and easier and an introduction into the off-road version or Triathlons.

This year I’ve asked local Off-Road Professional Triathlete, Adam Wirth, to join me in sharing our “tribal knowledge” in the sport of Triathlon. We’ve been through the “school of hard knocks” so this is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and our successes. The off-road, or often referred to as XTERRA, racing is a segment that we have not covered during clinics in previous years. Adam’s expertise will help enlighten those of us who enjoy racing off the beaten path. Like many of us, Adam needed to find an outlet that combined his need to stay healthy with his love for the outdoors. Adam has been traveling and racing for years and enjoys sharing his love for this sport with those around him. We will cover some of the differences with off-road racing but also some of the similarities and how mixing in some off-road racing and training will improve your road racing and vice versa. Obviously there will be some differences in gear selection so we will cover those as well as discuss some of the local races that you can choose from that align with your specific skill set. This will be a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in either type of racing to gain some valuable racing knowledge from your local Pros.
True to tradition, we conclude the series in 2 weeks on Thursday April 5 for TRANSITIONS. This is the only clinic that will not be held at George’s Cycles but instead at Guerber Park off Hill Road and highway 55 in Eagle. This will be just in time for the Spring Sprint and is intended to be an interactive clinic for you to practice setting up and going through T1 & T2. This year fellow Professional Triathlete Chris Ganter has graciously volunteered to join me in sharing his knowledge. Too often athletes make the mistake of not practicing their transitions before race day and then fumble through the process. As we get closer, I’ll provide an update with a list of gear you’ll need to bring.