Thursday, March 29, 2012

FREE Triathlon Clinic - April 5 TRANSITIONS

True to tradition, we will conclude this year’s clinic series this coming Thursday, April 5, with TRANSITIONS. Like the previous clinics there is no charge for this clinic but this is the only clinic that is not held at George’s Cycles but instead at Guerber Park off Hill Road and Highway 55 in Eagle [see map below]. Since this takes some time for everyone to get there and get their gear together, we will start this final clinic at 6:30pm. This will be just in time for the Spring Sprint and is intended to be an interactive clinic for you to practice setting up and going through T1 & T2. Too often athletes make the mistake of not practicing their transitions before race day and then fumble through the process. This is literally your best opportunity to learn how the Pros methodically set up their transition areas and their sequencing as they go through the Transition areas.

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This year fellow Professional Triathlete and former head coach of Drexel University Collegiate Triathlon Team, Chris Ganter, will join me in sharing his knowledge.  Chris was the 2008 Duathlon National Champion and USAT Garmin Duathlete of the year. He also brings extensive XTERRA, ITU and Ironman race experience.
This is intended to be an interactive clinic so please bring your race gear. We will not be transitioning out of the water but we will simulate the barefoot run into T1. If you prefer to watch and learn but not participate, that is fine.
Gear to bring:
Bike, cycling shoes, helmet, sunglasses, water bottle, towel, running shoes, running hat or visor, race bib belt and/or nutrition belt if you use one…anything else you use while racing that I haven’t listed