Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FREE Transitions Clinic July 30th

Are you preparing to compete in the Emmett’s Most Excellent Triathlon on August 13th and would like some tips on  how to efficiently organize your Swim-to-Bike (T1) and Bike-to-Run (T2) transition areas? After all that training, don’t forget you still need to get the right gear in the right spot so your transition area works for you. Come join me in a FREE interactive clinic where I’ll show you how. On Saturday July 30th at 7:30am, I will guide you through the “organized chaos” of T1 and T2. Join me at the Blaser Railroad Park at 7:30am to see the T2 area for a quick walk through of the area.  We will then carpool or caravan to T1 at Black Canyon Park. This will be an interactive clinic so plan on a small workout. Groups will be formed based on abilities and we’ll practice both T1 and T2 at the Park. Contact Coach Trish if you have any questions. NOTE: parking is limited at Black Canyon Park and there is a $5.00 fee to park your car in the parking lot. Please try to carpool or you can also park outside the park along the highway; just be sure you’re completely off the highway. Please register HERE no later than 7:00pm Thursday July 28th.

Watch our video from last year HERE.
SWIM: we will do a 50 yard out and back to simulate what it will be like coming out of the water and into T1 on race day.

wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, body glide, suit juice, towel  

BIKE: a short course will be marked out along the highway with the distance determined by ability. It’s not a race, remember, we’re working on transitions, not bike speed.

bike, helmet, bike shoes, pump, flat repair kit

RUN: will be a short course within the Black Canyon Park.

running shoes, hat/visor, socks (if you use them)