Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TRI Nite 101 - Gear Guide

The first of the clinics that I facilitate each year is always the Tri Nite 101 – Gear Guide where I cover all the gear needed for beginning triathletes with some of the new gear out for the year for the seasoned athletes. This is always coordinated by George’s Cycles Fairview store and John, the store Manager, invites all of his vendors to participate. There were over 30 people that joined us this year for this free clinic and I'm sure everyone walked away with at least one new thing they had learned.

 This year, Trek was the only bike company that jumped at the opportunity and we were lucky to have Dex come talk about their state-of-the-art Speed Concept series of TT bikes and the technology that goes into designing and making each bike as well as what design features to look for when choosing your next TT bike and why.

 Brian from T3 Active Recovery Products came from the bed company to talk about the bed, materials and how it aids in recovery and Peter from VESPA to explain the sciences behind their products that promote and enhance physical recovery after intense training and during endurance racing. His information about high fat low carb diet actually aligns very closely with what I’ve done for years. I actually have a good friend that has been using the VESPA CV-25 for his Ultra-marathons and has worked out really well for him. I might look into it a little more.

I took the last couple of minutes to cover the other gear you would need to race, not just the obvious, but also some of the often forgot items like electrical tape, safety pins, suit juice, etc. Of course I had to pack all of this into my new TYR Convoy transition backpack. I picked this up last year at the end of the season when they launched and absolutely love it. The transition backpack I had before wasn’t designed very well, the shoulder straps ripped out after little use and it just wasn’t very practical for traveling. The TYR Convoy is on a real backpack frame and intelligently designed with compartments for each discipline, a helmet compartment that fits my aero helmet and a special mesh bag for my wet wetsuit with a carabineer to attach it to the outside of the bag so you don’t get everything wet inside. SMART design and even though I’ve only had it for a couple of months and not taken it to a race yet, I absolutely love it.