Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slammer Road Race

The Boise Slammer Road Race is historically one of the races that always brings out soe of southwest Idaho's worst Springtime weather, this year was to be no exception. I awoke to sustained winds of 25-30mph with gusts of 35-40mph. Add in a daytime high projected to be only 45deg, and you have a tough race ahead of you.

The wind was blowing so hard that they decided to cancel the Juniors portion of the race. For us women in the field, we were to be combined with the Men's Masters C to minimize the number of groups and support vehicles needed for this race.

As we prepared to go to the start line, the local women's racing team decided to pull out of the race before even starting due to the wind. Likely some politics going on there since they knew that if they didn't even come to the line then I wouldn't be able to get any upgrade points. This is one of the things l like the least about road racing.

If you look closely you can see the lean on my bike from the wind, I'm the one in all black.

Anyways, there were only 5 of us females that were brave enough to go to the starting line to brave out the conditions. I knew that with the winds there was little chance of any kind of break out sticking for very long so I had to play the game and ride at a leasurely Masters C pace since I couldn't fine anyone willing to hammer with me, not even any of the guys even though I wasn't scored with them. One of the drawbacks of being in shape at the beginning of the season, I guess. This is just another workout for me, I wasn't looking for a leasure ride south of town, I wanted something at race pace.

Well, I played their game and sat in, chatted, talked about families, swapped war stories and felt like I was going to have to start taking Metamucil if I kept riding in this pack. Not that there aren't some good riders in this group, they were just playing team politics and apparently thought they were there for the parade ride, not a race.

Typical of me, I mixed it up a little with a couple of short intervals thrown in for fun, when we weren't getting hammered with the wind in our faces, and then let them work to reel me back in when we turned into the wind. One of the funniest things, one of the guys riding in the pack was actually the coach for most of the guys and he kept coaching them in the pack telling them not to work with me and to block me out, don't let her pass I was some kind of major competition that was going to take the Yellow jersey away from them. Whatever!

One the last hill before the finish, I played right into a trap and got blocked right into the gravel which then let the two front guys take off to the finish as I worked to maintain control. I eventually ran out of road and couldn't get caught back up with them before the finish line and took 3rd overall in the pack, 1st if you want to count the couple of females that made it to the end but a big fat 0 for upgrade points. Oh well, so goes Idaho road racing.