Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jason Broome Memorial TT

True to the George's Spring Series road races, Idaho springtime weather was going to usher in some cool temps and plenty of wind. I'm still sporting the Trek TTX that I did so well on last year but have been making a lot of tweaks on the fit, trying for a more agressive fit, trying to find a new saddle and just trying to find the spot where I get the most amount of power while staying efficient. Looking at this picture after the race, I still need to make some adjustments.

I wasn't walking into this at the same fitness level I was at last year because I'm not racing IM St. George, however I was still hoping for the best.

Notice the lack of racing kit...I've opted not to race with the local women's cycling team to avoid all of the politics. I'm rolling on borrowed wheelset looking for deeper dish wheels than what I rode on all last year.

Racing in southwestern Idaho would not be complete without at least a little bit of wind, good old Mother Nature was kind enough to deliver today with her version of a tail wind to push you out and then a wicked head wind as you try to come back...15-20mph wind with gusts 25-30mph have a tendency to suck it out of you.

The plan was to negative split the back half on this out and back course but I ended up going out too hard and my asthma kicked in on the way back so I "sucked" it up coming back in. I still made up the stagger on a couple of riders in front of me [no they weren't Juniors] but it was only good enough for 3rd Overall Female. Not a bad start for the year, I guess.