Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chicken Dinner Road Race

The Chicken Dinner Road Race was the last of the George’s Spring Series that I planned on racing because the Emmett Roubaix was on the same weekend that I would be racing Wildflower. This would be my last hard effort before starting into my short 5 day taper for Wildflower.

It was a beautiful day with almost no wind and plenty of sunshine. It was going to be a great day for racing. My only plans for this race was to push the pace for as long and hard as I could and just see where the wheels started to fall off. I was not there for the Metamucil ride this time because I needed a really good workout and I was either going to do it by myself or drag a pack of guys along with me.

Wanting to get this started out right, I rode out with the pack through the neutral zone and then broke the pack. Behind me I hear, “No DEIM!” I knew they didn’t want to go hard until probably the end of the second lap but I need to maintain a certain pace to make this a worthwhile workout. I let them work to catch up with me then I sat out front and pulled the entire group so I could set the pace.

We had a really good first lap and the official said that we had the 2nd fastest lap next to the Pro 1 Men…I like that kind of pace. I continued to work with the group into the second lap and even sat back and allowed myself to draft a little when some of the guys moved up front to take a pull but I was not going to sit back and suck a wheel in order to stay with any break away. Anytime the pace started to drop I would break out front and keep us going. I didn’t realize how much work it can be to pull that big of a group at that pace for that long.

On the last lap there was a break away with a couple of guys and a couple of gals sucked their wheel and held on but since I was out for individual effort I tried to rally the remaining guys and coach them on how to work a pace line but there just wasn’t enough organization and experience with this group to make it happen. Of course there was one guy that was on the same team as the guys that broke to the front and he kept trying to sabotage the pack I was in, to the point where he was being dangerous and almost wrecked me twice. He was getting upset that I was trying to coach the rest of the pack along and even became belligerent to the point where I decided that for my own safety I needed to excuse myself from this testosterone enraged freak. I headed out in front of the pack and rode the rest of the race on my own.

Immediately after I finished racing I grabbed my Trek Speed Concept rocket, some nutrition and a fresh water bottle and headed back out on the course going reverse direction so I could finish my workout and take advantage of the flaggers that were still at the intersections. Completed the day with a good 8 mile run and then headed home to start packing for the road trip to California.