Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CEP Clone

Check this out, I’m getting measured for my new CEP Clone compression recovery tights. I have been reading a lot about these this year and wanted to get a closer look at them and luckily they had a booth at the Wildflower expo where I picked up my new GREEN compression calf sleeves. They weren’t measuring for the Clone at Wildflower but said that they could put me in contact with the Boise rep so I could arrange for a time and place to get measured.

As most of you are aware, I have been a big proponent of compression for recovery for quite a few years  but just last year started racing with compression calf sleeves to improve blood flow.  I have historically worn a competitor’s compression tight but they are a couple of years old and I can tell they are a lot looser than when I first bought them, now is the time to upgrade. I chose to go with CEP, not because they are a sponsor of mine [but maybe they should be], but because I have very impressed with their compression calf sleeves and the material has withstood the “Trish” test. I’m really tough gear and clothes so if something lasts more than a couple of months it is well constructed.

This process is so cool. They take 40 measurements at predetermined locations on your lower half and then turn that into your own body double in 10 days! I'm a little swollen from racing this weekend at Wildflower so I think I may need to do this over again in a couple of weeks after the swelling goes down so I get more accurate measurements.